Myths about the Pinwill sisters

1. The name of the middle sister was Ethel and not Esther.

2. The company had offices and workshop in Plymouth several years before 1900.

3. The major fire at the workshop occurred in 1910 and not 1905.

4. Charles Gait did not carry on the business for any length of time after Violetís death.

5. Violet did not go to a factory near Wadebridge during WWI to work on laminated wooden propellers; it was probably one in Weybridge, Surrey.

5. Violetís workshop moved to Belgrave Road in 1944 and not soon after the start of WWI.

6. Violet did not retire at 80; she was still working two days before her death in 1957 at the age of 82.

If you want to know the real story of the Pinwill sisters, watch this space for the publication of the first full biography.